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Marketing: MKT 772

Things to Think About

  • What company owns the product? Doritos is under Frito-Lay (which parent company is Pepsi Co.). Can Google to find out.
  • Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, or Barber Shop- different keywords will give very different results
  • What services are offered and for who or Who buys which products?
  • Who are the top competitors (in the world, in the U.S., or in Springfield)
    • How do they market?

Business Insights

  • Industry search- Beauty salons
    • Market Share Reports (left navigation)
    • Ranking (left navigation)
      • sort by date
      • Top hair care franchises
  • Industry search- Barber Shops
  • Company search
    • e.g. Great Clips or Frito-Lay
    • check Rankings by publication date

Wall Street Journal

Business Source Complete

Example searches

  • beauty salon industry
    • or beauty salon market
  • beauty salon and marketing 
  • garage door and (installation or service or sales) and (business or industry or market)
  • DE "Garage doors"
  • Frito-Lay and SWOT
  • Hershey and SWOT
    • also look for the BMI Research Report
  • type in company name in search bar, limit by Full Text, limit to Industry Profile under Publication types

Finding Local Information

Marketing Database Demonstration for MKT 772


Beauty Salon NAICS code- 812112

Finish Carpentry Contractors (including installing garage doors)- 238350


Can look up specific company information. I would start with the NAICS code and find U.S. companies. 

Distribution Channels- Look at the Company 10-K report. The first section of the 10-K has information related to company strategy and usually distribution is listed there. Sometimes the Filings tab with have SEC filings that include the 10-K.

MRI University Reporter

see the MRI tab for access details and reading a MRI report.

  • Try a variety of keywords by product or product type or brand name
  • Be mindful of plural and singular and try both
    • e.g. Oreo vs Oreos, crescent rolls vs crescent roll
  • For Beauty Salons, look up 'hair' or 'personal care'
  • Garage doors brings up Home Remodeling
    • look for Garage doors under Details
      • How many done in the last 12 mts
      • Who did the work:Outside contractor
      • Amount spent


MRI Demo with K.C. BBQ and Lay's Potato Chips