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Springfield area election information: Local election datasets

This guide is a master and archive for all candidates and ballot issues that happen in Greene and surrounding counties.


Have voting patterns among Greene County precincts changed over the last 20 years? How often do precincts with a majority of people affiliated with one party, vote for candidates from another party?

The data below can help you better determine answers to these questions. The data on this page has been extracted from local government websites, transformed into machine usable tidy format, and posted here for research purposes. The data is in raw csv files and requires analysis to answer questions such as the ones above.

Greene County Election Data

The Greene County Clerk's Office has almost two decades of election data available on their website. Unfortunately, the data format, text file wrapped in HTML, is not easy to analyze. As of 2022, the county is in the process of migrating to a new website. Newer election data is available there. The author of this guide has taken much of the data and converted it to comma separated files that spreadsheets and other programs can easily handle for analysis. The file below contains original HTML files, a CSV file for each election, a table of all election data combined, and some precinct related files. Read the "Codebook.html" file for further details.

Disclaimer: This data was downloaded and transformed into tables by Python scripts written by Joshua Lambert. They may be wrong or incomplete. Please email me if you find problems or have suggestions. If you use this data, I would appreciate attribution and would welcome collaborative research using the data. I would also be glad to hear from anyone about how they use the data.


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