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Database Search Tips

  • Quotation Marks

    • Use quotation marks to combine multiple words into a single phrase or concept when searching. Example: "applied behavioral analysis"

  • Boolean Operators: AND

    • Connect key terms with AND to specify you want resources that include all listed items.  Example: yoga AND mental health

  • Boolean Operators: OR

    • Connect related terms or synonyms with OR to find resources that contain one, some, or all of the terms listed.  Example: idea OR concept OR notion

  • Synonyms and Related Terms

    • Add synonyms of related terms to your search to expand your resource pool.  Synonym example: (scarcity OR shortage) Related term example: data OR information OR documentation OR records)

  • Parentheses

    • Enclose related terms and synonyms in parentheses to specify that the database should parse them as a single unit.  Think mathematical order of operations. Example: food AND (shortage OR scarcity) AND Missouri AND (youth OR adolescents) 

Article (Periodical) Databases

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