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This subject guide is meant to provide means to find cinematic and media information.



Welcome to the Film Subject Guide.  This guide is intended to provide useful research tips and sources for information related to film and cinematography. This should not be considered to be exhaustive.  

At the top of this page are "tabs" that link to other pages in this guide, the exception being Feature Films.  That tab takes you directly to a listing of feature films in SWAN.  The movies are arranged in the order of their release date.  For this reason, some movies new to us may be further down the list.

SP20: The DVD collection, including both browsable feature films and the documentary/educational DVDs, has temporarily been moved to the NE corner of the Lower Level (near the microforms collection).

Finding Media

SWAN Catalog

Use SWAN to find films by subject, specific title, director, language and more!

Ways to narrow your search:

After your initial search, find the "Modify Search" tab at the top of the results page in the catalog.  This will bring you to a page with boxes that alow you to add limits to your initial search. 

You can also reach this page by selecting "Advanced Search" from the right side of the SWAN home page.

The "Add Limits" box allows you to choose a specific library, format or even language.  You can also limit your searches temporally by year of publication.  Try selecting DVD/Blu-ray to narrow your search.

Searchpath Tutorial

Find out more about SWAN and other library resources by taking our short, online tutorial.


Springfield-Greene County Library District

Search the Catalog

Students living on campus and Greene county residents can use our local public library.  Click here to request an online card.  The Park Central Branch and the Midtown Carnegie Branch are the locations closest to the Springfield campus (You can take the Bear Line Shuttle's gold and maroon routes to the square downtown to get to the Park Central Branch).  If you can't find the media item in our library and need it quickly, the public library is a great place to check.

If you can't find the media item in our library and don't need it quickly, try using MOBIUS or Prospector.  Both are a consortium of libraries from the state of Missouri and Colorado, respectively.  The consortium’s purpose is to share library materials, information, and services using accessible, cost effective methods.  Items usually arrive within two weeks.



Circulation Policy

User Services

Requests may be placed by current Missouri State University students, faculty, and staff members with valid university computer accounts. Undergraduates can submit up to two (2) requests per day. If more are needed, please speak to interlibrary loan staff. Exceptions will be determined by the staff.

You can access items your professor has put on reserve by clicking this link and folowing the instructions.

The Reserve Request form is available as an online form you can fill out or as a printable form you can print and bring to the Meyer Library Circulation Desk.

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Contact Info
Music & Media
208 Meyer Library

Missouri State University
901 South National
Springfield, MO 65897
(417) 836-5105


Normal Music & Media Collection hours are:
Mon.-Thurs: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
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Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm*
Sunday: noon - 12:00 am
*Please note that circulation services end 15 minutes before the library closes.
Hours change during summers, breaks, and holidays.  To check hours for a certain day go to the MSU Libraries' Master Calendar.

LC Classification

A - General Works
AE - Encyclopedias

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B - Philosophy
BF - Psychology
BJ - Ethics
BL - Religion

C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

  • CC - Archaeology
  • CS - Genealogy
  • CT - Biography

D - History: World

  • DA - Great Britain
  • DC - France
  • DD - Germany
  • DF - Greece
  • DG - Italy
  • DK - Russia
  • DP - Spain
  • DS - Asia
  • DT - Africa

E - History: America

  • E151 - United States

F - History: America

  • U.S. Local and State
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • South America

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

  • G - Geography
  • GR - Folklore
  • GV - Sports & Recreation
  • GV1580 - Dance

H - Social sciences

  • HA - Statistics
  • HB - Economics
  • HD - Industry & Labor
  • HF - Commerce
  • HG - Finance
  • HM - Sociology

J - Political Science

K - Law

L - Education

M - Music

  • M - Music Scores
  • ML - Literature of Music
  • MT - Musical Instruction

N - Fine Arts

  • NA - Architecture
  • ND - Painting

P - Language and Literature

  • P - Philology-Linguistics
  • PA - Classical Languages
  • PC - Romance Languages
  • PD - Germanic Languages
  • PE - English Language
  • PN - Literature (General)
  • PN 1625 - Theatre
  • PN 1990 - Broadcasting & Film
  • PQ - Romance Literatures
  • PR - English Literature
  • PS - American Literature
  • PT - German Literature
  • PZ - Children's Literature

Q - Science

  • QA - Mathematics
  • QA 75.5 - Computer Science
  • QB - Astronomy
  • QC - Physics
  • QD - Chemistry
  • QE - Geology
  • QH - Biology
  • QK - Botany
  • QL - Zoology
  • QP - Physiology
  • QR - Microbiology

R - Medicine

  • RC - Internal Medicine
  • RJ - Pediatrics
  • RS - Pharmacy
  • RT - Nursing

S - Agriculture

T - Technology

  • TR - Photography

U - Military Science

V - Naval Science

Z - Library Science (Bibliography)