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Campus Delivery: Home

Meyer Library Circulation provides delivery of library items to academic departmental offices. This guide gives further details about this service.

Contact Information

Duane G. Meyer Library
Circulation Services




(417) 836-4700

Explanation of Service

Campus Delivery has been suspended.

MSU Libraries will now deliver books to academic departmental offices. To do this, faculty should go to the online library catalog, request a book, and specify the delivery location as “MSU Meyer Fac/Staff DeptDelivery.” The Meyer Library Circulation Unit will then deliver the book to departmental offices, assuming the Department Head has approved service for that department. Circulation delivers twice a week to each academic department.

MSU Libraries will also now pick up books that faculty want returned to the library. Library staff will check the books in when they get back to the library. Each departmental office handles this process a little differently, so faculty should check with their administrative/executive assistant for more information. Again, library staff will only pick up books from a specific department if the Department Head has given us permission.
If you have books to be picked up or if you have other questions related to this service, please email You may also call Meyer Library Circulation at 417-836-4700.