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Film Studies: Find Films to View

Whether you are a film student looking for research materials or just want to sit back and enjoy a classic movie, this guide will help direct you to resources to make your search easier.

The complete DVD collection at Meyer, which includes both feature films and the documentary/educational DVDs, is located in the NE corner of the Lower Level (near the microforms collection). You will need to check these out at the main level Information desk.

We have a small collection of VHS tapes in storage. If you would like to check out one of those (the call number would be N followed by a three or four digit number), please ask for assistance at the Circulation/Information desk. 

Two viewing stations for VHS and DVD are available for your use on the west side of the second level, towards Glass Hall. These have 27" flat screens.


Feature Films


This independent sci-fi film dominated the Academy Awards with an unprecedented seven awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing). 



This Criterion edition includes an interview with director Michael Rosen, who reflects on the difficulties of financing and marketing a dark and dystopian children's film, but the real treat is the 12-minute interview with Guillermo del Toro as he discusses his views about animated films. 

Feature Films


Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore play the mother-daughter reclusive relatives of Jackie Kennedy, who were featured in a 1975 documentary of the same name. A 2006 musical was also based on that same documentary. 

International Films


French crime film specialist Jean-Pierre Melville, whose films include Les enfants terribles and Le samourai, changed his last name from Grumbach to Melville as a tribute to the narrative style of novelist Herman Melville.  A reviewer (Michael Sragow, 2011) focused on that influence as he wrote, "Moby-Dick teaches you about rigging a whaling ship and steering her and hauling in a huge cetacean; Le cercle rouge teaches you about casing a joint, manufacturing special bullets, and orchestrating a [jewelry] heist. In both these works, the creators' cunning combination of hardscrabble physical authority and characters who prompt identification with their honor and their weakness compels audiences to enter a world of genuine moral ambiguity." 

Feature Films


Steven Spielberg turns his lens on the redemptive power of art in this semi-autobiographical story of a young filmmaker growing up within a turbulent family environment. The Fabelmans has been named one of the top ten films of 2022 by both the National Board of Review and American Film Institute.

Feature Films


Based on Alan Bennett's acclaimed play The Madness of King George III, this film takes a dark-humored look at the mental decline of the 18th-century leader of England. The story begins nearly three decades into George's reign, in 1788, as the unstable king (played brilliantly by Nigel Hawthorne) begins to show signs of increasing dementia, from violent fits of foul language to bouts of forgetfulness. This weakness seems like the perfect chance to overthrow the unpopular George, whom many blamed for the loss of the American colonies, but the his wife (Queen Charlotte) and the king's prime minister (William Pitt) are determined to protect the throne.



This television film captures a live performance of the show's final Broadway cast, which includes David Hasselhoff starring as Jekyll/Hyde. The reviews were mixed...and perhaps best summed up by Joe Dziemianowicz of The New York Daily News: "Jekyll & Hyde is an over-the-top bloody hoot. At times, it's like a theme-park attraction, but it's got a saving grace. The show doesn't take itself too seriously as it power-ballads its way through Victorian-era London." Gather some friends, pour a pint or two, and enjoy this rather obscure musical!

Feature Films


From Dennis Harvey @Variety: "Movies don't come any more review-proof than "The Faculty," a rip-snorting hunk of giddy, self-aware genre trash. Horror/sci-fi teenpic reps a meeting of minds between two talents, gonzo action director Robert Rodriguez and "Scream"-star scenarist Kevin Williamson. Together, they make a complete lack of socially redeeming value seem so much fun that "The Faculty" might well become a pulp classic."

Feature Films


The setting, a remote island off the coast of Ireland, steals the show in this story of conflict between two lifelong friends (played by Colin Ferrell and Brendan Gleeson). The film has received many awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actor/Best Supporting Actor, but despite being nominated for nine Academy Awards, it failed to garner a single Oscar.

Silent Films


Relive the glory of the silent-film era with this contemporary take on the classic genre. 

Feature Films

CODA (2019)   

Not to be confused with the highly-acclaimed 2021 film of the same name (about an aspiring singer who is the only hearing member in her family... which will hit our shelves as soon as it becomes available for purchase), this Canadian-produced drama follows a famous pianist (played by Patrick Stewart) who is struggling with stage fright and mental instability after his wife commits suicide. After several disastrous attempts to perform in public, he meets a young music critic (played by Katie Holmes) who wants to write a feature story on his life, and she takes on an increasingly significant role in his journey towards emotional peace.  

Feature Films


Directed by Nicholas Hytner, this adaptation of a 2004 play by Alan Bennett follows eight British schoolboys as they try to gain entrance into England's most elite universities, Cambridge and Oxford. The film examines the multi-layered relationships between the boys and their teachers as they wrestle with the true meaning of education and the relative values of happiness and success.

Feature Films

The AFI Top 100

To celebrate one hundred years of American filmmaking history, the American Film Institute created a list of its "Top 100" American films. We are proud to include all of these films as a part of our video collection.

Educational and Documentary Films

B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

D, E, F - History

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

  • G - Geography
  • GR - Folklore
  • GV - Sports & Recreation
  • GV1580 - Dance Productions

H - Social Sciences

J - Political Science

K - Law

L - Education

M - Music

  • M1500 - Opera and Musical Theatre Productions

N - Fine Arts

  • NA - Architecture

P - Language and Literature

  • PN1992.77 - Television Series
  • PN1995.75 - Silent Films
  • PN1995.9.S53 - Short Films
  • PN1997.5 - Animated Films
  • PN1997.9 - International Films

Q - Mathematics/Science

R - Medicine

S - Agriculture

T - Technology

  • TR - Photography

U - Military Science

Z - Books and Libraries

Streaming Video


  • Academic Video Online
    • This ProQuest/Alexander Street collection features over 70,000 films across a broad selection of disciplines. All titles are indexed and discoverable by using our "Discover@MSU" search box.
  • Films on Demand
    • Access over 35,000 highly interdisciplinary videos! Direct links to available films are provided through our "Discover@MSU" search box.
  • Films on Demand: Archival & Newsreels
    • Throughout modern history, cameras have recorded public events, wars, cultural phenomena, and government programs. This collection is a treasure trove of archival and historical films from multiple sources.
  • Ambrose Video
    • Includes over 500 streaming video programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and physical/life sciences. The videos typically range in length from 25-60 minutes. A number of re-mastered series are available, including: Bronowskia's Ascent of Man; Attenborough's The Living Planet; James Burke's Connections; History of Civil Rights in America; History of the U.S. Constitution; History of Western Art; and the entire BBC Shakespeare series.
  • Naxos Video Library
    • Over 2500 full-length videos of music performances, opera, ballet, master classes, and documentaries.
  • ICE Video Library
    • Provides 175 media clips geared for occupational and physical therapy programs.