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Music : MUS 543/683: Music of the Renaissance

Includes research guides on jazz studies, music education, piano pedagogy, world music, instrumental and vocal resources, and much more!

Primary Source Materials

Modern Scholarship and Criticism

Timeline (1400-1600)

1400-1517: Early Renaissance

1369-1453 John Dunstable

1399-1474 Guillaume Dufay

1430-1505 Jakob Obrecht

1430-1494 Johannes Okegham

1450-1521 Josquin des Pres

1450-1517 Heinrich Isaak

1465 the first printed music

1517-1600: Late Renaissance

1505-1585 Thomas Tallis

1524 Johann Walther, along with Martin Luther, produces the first Lutheran hymnal

1525-1594 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

1532-1594 Orlando di Lasso

1547 Louis Bourgeois publishes his Reformed Psalter