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Music : MUS 543/683: Music of the Renaissance

Includes research guides on jazz studies, music education, piano pedagogy, world music, instrumental and vocal resources, and much more!

Primary Source Materials

Timeline (1400-1600)

1400-1517: Early Renaissance

1369-1453 John Dunstable

1399-1474 Guillaume Dufay

1430-1505 Jakob Obrecht

1430-1494 Johannes Okegham

1450-1521 Josquin des Pres

1450-1517 Heinrich Isaak

1465 the first printed music

1517-1600: Late Renaissance

1505-1585 Thomas Tallis

1524 Johann Walther, along with Martin Luther, produces the first Lutheran hymnal

1525-1594 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

1532-1594 Orlando di Lasso

1547 Louis Bourgeois publishes his Reformed Psalter