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Music : Course Guides

Includes research guides on jazz studies, music education, piano pedagogy, world music, instrumental and vocal resources, and much more!


These course guides are intended to provide useful research tips and sources for information related to specific course content. They should not be considered to be exhaustive. Please click on the drop-down menu on the Course Guides tab to access individual guides.

Current course guides include:

  • MUS 239: Introduction to World Music
  • MUS 538: Piano Pedagogy
  • MUS 543/683: Music of the Renaissance
  • MUS 544/684: Music of the Baroque Era
  • MUS 747: The Rite of Spring (offered FA12 - Michael F. Murray)

Guides in progress:

  • MUS 343: Music Theatre History I
  • MUS 545/685: Music of the Classical Era
  • MUS 546/686: Music of the Romantic Era