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Infant Through Grade 12 Resources: EDC 345 - Social and Cultural Topics Resources

Collections for those working with children and youth.


Welcome to the EDC 345 Social and Cultural Resources page.  Here you will find resources for learning more about diverse perspectives and people as well as social and cultural issues.  What sets this page apart is the focus on resources for pre and in-service teachers who are interested in making sure their students can leverage their academic learning in ways that will enable them to be informed and engaged leaders and participants in their multiple communities.  Specifically, we have  curated a list of links to the sites of multiple organizations whose work focuses on human and civil rights, sites concerned with social justice, and sites dedicated to sharing research and statistical reports related to the intersection of education and societal concerns.  You’ll even find resources that offer examples of lessons and curriculum that have a socio-cultural lens.  We sincerely hope these resources will be useful as you either begin your journey to become a critical multicultural educator or seek to take that journey to the next level!



Dr. Dennis L. Rudnick, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Multicultural Education

Paige Harp, Coordinator, Infant Through Grade 12 Resources (IG12)


These resources were originally compiled by: Dr. Tuesda Roberts and Ms. Cherri Jones

Check out these sites for information on current social and cultural topics

Sources for further research, K-12 resources

Many of MSU Libraries’ Subject Guides have resources that can give you information on specific social and cultural topics. The “Websites” tab can be especially helpful. Check out:


Helpful search strategies: Google your topic or curricular area and add the term "social justice".  

Looking for books? Try the Libraries catalog from the main page first, adding "social justice" to your topic. If you do not find anything of interest, do a MOBIUS search. MOBIUS items can be requested, and will be delivered to Meyer Library or your local MOBIUS library for pick-up. 

Still looking for books? Try adding "social justice" to a search for books on Amazon. For example “social justice agriculture” got 132 results, including: Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy and Food Trucks, Cultural Identity, and Social Justice: From Loncheras to Lobsta Love (Food, Health, and the Environment). Meyer Library owns the first; MOBIUS did not own the second, but it can be borrowed via a PROSPECTOR search – the University of Wyoming and the University of Denver both own it.

Still searching? Contact a librarian at Meyer Library - we're here to help!

Sites with ideas for curriculum

Selected books

Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms: Mathematics, grades K-2.  QA13.A327 2013 

Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms: Mathematics, grades 3-5.  QA13.A325 2013

Cultivating Social Justice Teachers: How teacher educators have helped students overcome cognitive bottle necks and learn critical social justice concepts.  LB 1715.C83 2013

The Culturally Inclusive Educator: Preparing for a multicultural world.  LC 1099.3.S36 2014

Diversity and Equity in Science Education: Research, policy and practice.  LB 1585.3.L429 2010

Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications. Meyer IG12 CUR Guide QA11.2.M878 2006

Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching social justice by the numbers. Meyer IG12 CUR Guide QA10.7.R47 2006

Strategies And Lessons For Culturally Responsive Teaching: A primer for k-12 teachers.  LC 1099.3.C487 2010

Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World: Multicultural education for young children. LC 1099.3 R36 2015

Teaching the Taboo: Courage and imagination in the classroom.  LB1025.3.A934 2014