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Audio Recording and Editing

Find audio production resources in the library, including our Vocalbooth and audio editing rooms.

Creative Commons audio content

Here are a few websites that offer music with Creative Commons license. Through the CC license, users are provided a simple and standard way to give permission to share and use their works. Familiarize yourself with the CC licensing types and examples here

Audio formats

Are your mp3 files too high or too low for your voice? Try these online pitch transposers!



Online Tone Generator - Pitch Shifter

TimeStretch Player

Learn about popular audio file types and their associated uses. 

MP3 is a high-quality, compressed audio format, allowing for smaller file sizes and quicker download/streaming time.

AAC files are similar to the MP3, AAC files are compressed and maintain high quality.  AAC is currently the standard format for iOS and iTunes audio files.

WAV/AIFF were originally designed for Windows and Mac platforms respectively, each format is now compatible with both platforms. Both formats are uncompressed, very high quality audio, and are best suited for short, downloadable clips because of their large file sizes.

OGG is a high-quality compressed, open-source audio format, producing even smaller audio files than MP3s. OGG files may not be playable on all devices and platforms.

For a comprehensive list, visit the Library of Congress's list of Format Descriptions for Sound.