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Virtual Reality at the Meyer Library: Google Cardboard

Low-fi Virtual Reality!

Check out a Google Cardboard from the Music and Media desk!

We have Google Cardboards available to check out! If you have a smartphone that supports VR and would like to use the Cardboard, ask for them at the Music and Media desk!

What is a Google Cardboard?

The Google Cardboard is VR viewer that is used together with a smartphone (with the cardboard app and vr games installed). 

Simply insert your own smartphone, you can use the Cardboard to view 360 photographs and maps, play VR games installed on your phone, sample a short session of VR (and find out if you would like to experience the fully immersive VR experience using our VIVE gear!)


Requirements for Google Cardboard

Can any phone be used with the Cardboard?

No, only android (4.1 or higher) or iphones (8.0 or higher) with gyroscopes or gyro sensors will work well with the Cardboard.

An easy way to find out if your phone supports VR is to search for 360 videos on the YouTube app on your phone.  Pick any 360 video and start playing it.  If the video perspective moves when you tilt the screen, or if you see a VR icon  your phone supports VR! 

Another way to find out if your phone is compatible with Google Cardboard is to search for "Cardboard" in Google Play.  If your phone is not compatible, you will see the message "Your device isn't compatible with this version."-- in which case, see our question below!

Are there any VR games that do not require the phone to have a gyroscope or do not require the Cardboard app to be installed?

Yes! there are a few out there that will give you a sense of "virtual reality" even if your phone does not have a gyroscope. They include Sites in VR, VR X-Racer, VR Cave.

How long can I check out the Google Cardboard? 

You can check out the Google Cardboard for 2 hours at a time.

Can I make my own Cardboard?

If you have the time, patience, and resources, yes!  Google has made its Cardboard specifications open to all at their Manufacture Cardboard site.