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Virtual Reality at the Meyer Library: Guide to VIVE controllers

VIVE controllers


Menu button - generally used for navigating the menu within a game. For example, when in The Lab, pressing the menu button makes "the orb" appear for entering/exiting a game.

Track pad - generally used for tracking locations or for making selections within a game.

- used for tracking accessible areas to visit (when in The Lab, The VR Museum, or Destinations), holding down the track pad will show the scope of your environment or the areas you can visit, releasing it will transport you to the selected area.

- used for selecting tools or colors (when in Tilt Brush or PaintLab), swiping the track pad left - right will show the tools available in Tilt Brush, or the spectrum of colors available in PaintLab.

System button - used for accessing the Steam library and for turning the controller on/off.