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Virtual Reality at the Meyer Library: Available VR games

What VR games can I play at the Meyer Library?

There is a good variety of VR games at the library.  If you are new to VR, we recommend starting with The Lab, an assortment of games that will help you to get oriented in virtual environments and to become adept at using the controllers.  As you become skilled in navigating through the virtual world, you can start engaging with the virtual objects in the environment.    
The VR games included in our library are designed with different objectives.  Our games include ones that allow you to track through unfamiliar locations, study concepts through visualization, test your reflexes, and even explore your artistic or musical creativity!  To emphasize the education benefits of immersive learning through VR, our installed games do not include those promoting violence or destructive behavior (please refer to our Use Policy as well as the article Real Virtuality:  A Code of Ethical Conduct by Michael Madary and Thomas Metzinger to learn about your responsibilities as a user).
Remember, you don't need experience in virtual reality to visit our VR lab.  Please feel free to make an appointment to visit - we will help you to get started with your first virtual learning experience!
Can I download and install my own games or log on to my own Steam account?
Only library staff may download and install VR games at the library.  However, if you have suggestions on games that benefit teaching and learning or have educational value, please let the staff know!  We permit logging into individual Steam accounts only if used for class-related projects. 

VR games available at the Meyer Library

The Lab                                                                                                   TheBlu


Soundstage                                                                                              Tilt Brush       


Wizard of the Waltz                                                                                Fancy Skiing 


The Body VR                                                                                            In Mind VR


Destinations                                                                                              VR Museum of Fine Art


Paintlab                                                                                                 PolyDome