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Virtual Reality at the Meyer Library: Home

VIRTUAL REALITY at the Meyer Library

Virtual Reality is now available to MSU students, staff, and faculty at Music and Media on the second level.  Visit, call 836-5105, or email us at Music& to schedule an appointment.  

Remember to make your reservations two days in advance!
Best times for VR reservations: 12-6 pm Mon-Thur
(feel free to let us know if you need to reserve at an earlier or later time).

Google Cardboards now available for check out!  
What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality (VR) is a way users experience computer-generated worlds as real. Through VR headsets that are connected to a computer, users immerse themselves in a simulation of a virtual environment and experience the virtual, "as-if-really-there" reality of the environment.  

How does VR work?
The lenses of the headgear magnify the image, which fills your field of view with a stereoscopic view, and external sensors also track how your body moves. As you immerse yourself, you see nothing but your immediate virtual environment. Learn more by exploring resources on VR in the library, or better yet, try out the gear and experience it first-hand!
What VR gear do we have at the Meyer Library?
We have the HTC Vive, which comes with a pair of controllers.




         Mon - Thur     7 am -- 12 am
                      Fri     7 am --  6 pm
                      Sat    9 am --  6 pm
                      Sun   Noon -- 12 am   
This guide is a work in progress!  
Questions, suggestions?  Email any of us (Jir Shin BoeySue ReichlingScott Fischer) or visit us on the Second Level of the Meyer Library!  

VR Safety

         Are you fit for VR?

  •   Consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing medical condition (e.g. heart ailment)  or psychiatric conditions (anxiety disorders, or PTSD)

  •   If you are sick, fatigued, under medication, not feeling well, generally tired, trying VR might worsen your condition.   

  •   Like other gaming products that produces light flashing visual effects, the VR headset may trigger epileptic seizures, fainting or dizziness even if  you have no history of these conditions. 

Careful with cables.  And don't sit on a virtual chair!
  • Keep in mind that there are cables running from the headset, move your feet slowly to avoid tripping!
  • Remember that simulated objects may appear in the virtual world, if you see a chair, don't sit on it!

3D Modeling in VR using Blocks

Have a go at 3D modeling using 6 simples tools that enable you to shape, stroke, paint, modify, grab, erase your creation!  BLOCKS is an app with which you can create models in VR. Once you have created your 3D model in Blocks, you can work on your model further in Tiltbrush. export them to a CAD program to make more refinements, or share them on Poly



VR artist Anna Zhilyaeva uses Blocks and Tilt Brush to create a Skyline.

Recently installed


In Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay by ILMxLAB, Poe Dameron's sidekick needs your help.  Repair BB-8 and his astromech droid friends, each with their own unique personalities, so they can roll back into the fight against the First Order.