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3D Printing at the Meyer Library: Using our 3D printing service

Guide to 3D Printing services at the Meyer Library

How to use our 3D printing service

Prepare your file.  Download models from 3D repositories such as Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory, or create your model using CAD software such as Tinkercad or Fusion 360.

Review your file. Make sure your file is in the stl format. You may use software such as MeshLab to check for errors

Bring your file to us.  Save your stl file in a USB drive and bring it to the Music and Media desk between 9 am to 6 pm Mon-Thurs.  

Fill out a print request and verify the dimensions of your model.  As you complete the print request form, we will check the dimensions of your printed object, calculate the cost of your print job based on amount of material used, and verify the cost with you before charging you.  

Wait to be notified.  We will contact you when your print job is ready to be picked up. 

Questions about 3D scanning

What model is your 3D scanner?
Our scanner is a NextEngine scanner.

How long does it take to scan a 3D object?
It depends on the resolution of your scan as well as the number of angles from which you would like to scan your object.  The higher the resolution, or the greater the number of angles, the longer it will take to scan.
What format will my scans be saved as?
Your scans can be saved as .stl or .obj format.
Can I print out my scans?
If you are confident that your scans have turned out well, yes!
(If your 3D scans has holes and gaps, your 3D print will also have holes and gaps).
How can I be sure that my scans are good for printing?
Your scans will need to be aligned well before fusing.  The scanning program includes a 'polish' function for detecting and filling holes as well as smoothing out textures in your scans.

Where can I read more about using your scanner?
Compiled below are links to useful guides and instructions written by various university users of the NextEngine Scanstudio. Some of them are helpful in pointing out the challenges involved in the scanning process.
Who should I talk to if I would like to make an appointment to use the 3D scanner?
You can email any of us (Jir Shin Boey, Sue Reichling, Scott Fischer) at or call 836-5105 (and ask to speak with a supervisor about 3D scanning).
How is the NextEngine scanner compared to Makerbot or Matter & Form scanners?
Click on the image below to find out!

Questions about 3D modeling

What software can I use for creating 3D models?
There are a number of CAD (computer aided design) programs that are available for free (with email registration). The most commonly known are listed below. Visit our Explore CAD programs tab to learn more.                                        
What software can I use to check my design? 
  • Microsoft Model Repair Service Free cloud service, requires a Microsoft account.
  • MeshLab "An open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes." Check your model for structural integrity.
  • Meshmixer To clean up your models. Designed to work with 123D Catch, but should work with anything.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the 3D printing cost?  Your 3D print job is charged by the cubic inch at $6 per cubic inch.  There is a $6 minimum and your print job will be rounded to the closest cubic inch. (If your print job is smaller than one cubic inch, you will still be charged $6. If your print job is 2.2 cubic inches, you will be charged for 2 cubic inches.  If your print job is 2.6 cubic inches, you will be charged for 3 cubic inches.)

Can I pay with my credit card or with BearPrint premium?  No. Only cash, check, or Bear Bucks payments are accepted.

How long will my print job take?  The print time of the object depends on the density and complexity of your 3D design. For example, one cubic inch takes about one hour to print.  The entire process (including the print queue and the time for "washing" or dissolving the support material) takes at least several hours. 

What colors are available?  Our 3D prints come only in ivory.

What is the maximum printable size? 8" x 6" x 6"

Can I scan my own object?  Yes.  As 3D scans usually require a longer time to complete, please make reservations at least 24 hours in advance to assure that the room is available for you. Email Music& or call 836-5105 (and ask to speak to a supervisor about 3D scanning).  If you have no experience using the scanner, we recommend watching a few ScanStudio tutorials before you schedule your reservation.

What model is your printer?  Our printer is the uPrint SE

What material does it use?  ABS plastic

View 3D models in Virtual Reality

Interested in viewing Sketchfab models in virtual reality mode? Just make a reservation to use our VR headset or check out a Google Cardboard from the Music and Media desk! To learn more, visit our VR subject guide!