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Film: International Films

This subject guide is meant to provide means to find cinematic and media information.

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Welcome to the International Films List!  For an alphabetical list of films in their original language, click here.  For an alphabetical list of films by their English translation, click here.  Below is a grouping of films from around the world; to see if an item is available, click on the maroon call number.

Films in French (DVD)

Call#     Title

DVD1: Un air de famille/Family resemblances

DVD2: L'amour, l'après-midi/Chloe in the afternoon

DVD3: Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train/Those who love me can take the train

DVD4: Cléo de 5 à 7/Cleo from 5 to 7

DVD6: Le Genou de Claire/Claire's knee

DVD7: La Grande bouffe

DVD8: Romance

DVD9: Les quatre cents coups/The 400 blows

DVD10: The Boys

DVD11: Diaboliques/The devils

DVD12: L'enfer/Hell

DVD13: La femme d'à côté/The woman next door

DVD14: La Grande illusion/Grand Illusion

DVD15: La peau douce/Soft skin

DVD16: Baisers volés/Stolen kisses

DVD18: Ma nuit chez Maud/My night with Maud

DVD20: La collectionneuse/Collector-girl

DVD21: Le beau mariage/A good marriage

DVD22: Vivement dimanche/Confidentially yours

DVD23: La vie reˆvée des anges/Dreamlife of angels

DVD30: Le Roi de Coeur/The King of Hearts

DVD42: La cage aux folles

DVD47: Conte d'été/A summer's tale

DVD49: Domicile conjugal/Bed and board

DVD50: J'aimerais pas crever un dimanche/Don't let me die on a Sunday

DVD51: Les roseaux sauvages/The wild reeds

DVD52: Deux anglaises et le continent/Two English girls

DVD53: L'humanité/Humanity

DVD54: Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud

DVD55: La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc/ The passion of Joan of Arc

DVD56: Le temps retrouvé/Time regained

DVD57: Est-Ouest/East-West

DVD58: Les enfants du paradis/The children of paradise

DVD59: Le Journal d'une femme de chambre/The diary of a chambermaid

DVD61: Du rififi chez les hommes/Rififi

DVD62: Jeanne la Pucelle/Joan the Maid

DVD63: La veuve de Saint-Pierre/The widow of Saint-Pierre

DVD64: Harry, un ami qui vous veut de bien/With a friend like Harry

DVD66: Et Dieu-- créa la femme/God created woman

DVD71: Alphaville

DVD72: A bout de souffle/Breathless

DVD74: Mélodie en sous-sol/Any number can win

DVD86: Bob le flambeur/Bob the Gambler

DVD87: Quai des orfèvres/Quay of the Goldsmiths

DVD102: TV commercials in French

DVD135: Conte de printemps/A tale of springtime

DVD136: L'ami de mon amie/My girlfriend's boyfriend

DVD141: Le rayon vert/Summer

DVD142: Les Nuits de la pleine lune/Full moon in Paris

DVD150: 8 femmes/8 women

DVD160: Les goût des autres/The taste of others

DVD182: Pauline à la plage/Pauline at the beach

DVD190: Le Quai des brumes/Port of shadows

DVD191: Le Corbeau/The raven

DVD258: Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob/The mad adventures of Rabbi Jacob

DVD299: Un homme et une femme/A Man and a Woman

DVD324: Noirs et blancs en couleur/Black and white in color

DVD334: Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie/The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

DVD335: Dangerous moves

DVD359: Préparez vos mouchoirs/Get out your handkerchiefs

DVD407: Les choristes/The Chorus

DVD525: Chaos/Chaos

DVD641: Caché/Hidden

DVD642: Marius et Jeannette/Marius and Jeannette

DVD643: Éloge de l'amour de quelque chose/In Praise of Love

DVD645Les enfants du siècle

DVD646: Indochine

DVD647: L'enfant/The child

DVD648: Betty Fisher et autres histoires/Alias Betty

DVD649: La promesse/The Promise

DVD697: Un condamné à mort s'est échappé, ou, Le vent souffle où il veut/

    A death row inmate escaped, or, The wind blows where it wants

DVD698: Lancelot du Lac/Lancelot of the Lake

DVD701: 3 Films by Louis Malle; Le Soufflé au couer, Lacombe Lucien, & Au Revoir les enfants

DVD709: Rois et reine/Kings & queen

DVD736: Forever Mozart: 36 personnages en quête d'histoire/36 characters in search of history

DVD738: Tout va bien/Everything's all right

DVD791: La femme de Gilles/Gilles' wife

DVD837: Le couperet/The ax

DVD844: Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran/Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran

DVD847: Crustacés & coquillages/Seafood and seashells

DVD849: Gabrielle

DVD853: Pas sur la bouche/Not on the Lips

DVD858: Après vous/After you

DVD873: La moustache/Mustache

DVD874: Le temps qui reste/Time to leave

DVD897: Le confessional/Confessional

DVD916: La bataille d'Alger/The battle of Algiers

DVD1039: La vie en rose

DVD1170: Le scaphandre et le papillon/The diving bell and the butterfly

DVD1467: L'age des tenebres/Days of darkness

DVD1687: Coco avant Chanel/Coco before Chanel

DVD1814: Quand les étoiles rencontrent la mer/When the Stars meet the Sea

DVD1816: Femmes aux yeux ouverts/Women with open eyes

DVD1817: Faat Kine

DVD1822: Delicatessen

DVD1845: Ainsi meurent les anges/And so angels die

DVD2098: Mon oncle

DVD2107: Coup de foudre (Entre nous)/Between us

DVD2108: Carmen

DVD2109: Danton

DVD2118: Belle et la bête/Beauty and the beast

DVD2119: L'Argent de poche/Pocket money

DVD2125: Gervaise

DVD2202: La traversée de Paris/Four bags full

DVD2206: L'Année dernière a Marienbad/Last year at Marienbad

DVD2209: Coup de torchon/Clean slate

DVD2212: Sans toit ni loi/Vagabond

DVD2213: Nana

DVD2214: Journal d'un curé de campagne/Diary of a country priest

DVD2239: La bête humaine/The human beast

DVD2243: Jean de Florette, Manon des sources

DVD2261: 3 hommes et un couffin/Three men and a cradle

DVD2266: Cyrano de Bergerac

DVD2283: L'enfant sauvage/Wild child

DVD2391: Ce Qu'il Faut Pour Vivre/The necessities of life

DVD2525Rue Cases-Nègres/Sugar Cane Alley

DVD2536: The Decline of the American Empire

DVD2538Jésus de Montréal/ Jesus of Montreal

DVD2575: Mon uncle d'Amerique/My American uncle

DVD2579: Le crime de Monsieur Lange/The crime of Monsieur Lange

DVD2580: Tirez sur le pianiste/Shoot the piano player

DVD2581: Le samouri/The samurai

DVD2588: La nuit Americaine/Day for night

DVD2645: Amour

DVD2801Joyeux Noel/Merry Christmas

DVD2915: Bleu/Blue

DVD2916: Blanc/White

DVD2917: Rouge/Red

DVD2934: Le retour de Martin Guerre/The return of Martin Guerre

DVD3145: Elle

DVD3160:  Le tout nouveau testament/The brand new testament

DVD3279: Bon Voyage

DVD3280: Le dernier metro/The last metro

DVD3281: Le diner de cons/The dinner game

DVD3282: Les femmes du sixieme etage/The Women on the 6th Floor

DVD3283: Inch'Allah dimanche/Inch'Allah Sunday

DVD3285: Moliere

DVD3286: Welcome

DVD3287L'esquive/Games of Love and Chance

DVD3288: Le hussard sur le toit/The Horseman on the roof

DVD3289: Ressources humaines/Human resources

DVD3290: Ridicule

DVD3291: L'Auberge Espagnole/The Spanish Apartment

Films in French (VHS-Video Cassette)

Call#    Title

N211: Drôle de drame/Bizarre bizarre

N673: Un Dimanche à la campagne/A Sunday in the country

N1281: Le Grand chemin/The grand highway

N2564: Zou Zou

N3577: Le Grand blond avec une chaussure noire/The tall blond man with one black shoe

N4897: Les parents terribles/The awful parents

N4921(pt.1&2): Le misanthrope: ou, l'atrabilaire amoureux : comédie

N4990: Un cœur en hiver/A heart in winter

N4998: Buffet froid/Cold cuts

N5026: En un mot

N5457: La Gloire de mon père/My father's glory

N6655: Boulevard du rhum

N7014: Un zoo la nuit/Night zoo

N7019: Léolo

N7658: Augustin; Omnibus

N7662: Award Winning French Shorts

N7665: Panic

N7666: La vieille dame indigne/The shameless old lady

N7692: La 317ème section

N7693: Marquis

N7695: Plein soleil/Purple noon

N7704: Pattes blanches/White shanks

N7705: Stavisky

N7708: La rupture/Rupture

N8109: La guerre des boutons/The war of the buttons

N8163: Les rendez-vous de Paris

N8173: La fille sur le pont/Girl on the bridge

N8174: Conte d' automne/Autumn tale

N8598: Le Jour se lève/Daybreak

N9026: Contes des quartre saisons. Conte d'hiver

N9682: Candide

Films In Spanish

Call#    Title

DVD156/DVD903: Todo sobre mi madre/All about my mother

DVD328: Belle époque

DVD413/DVD935: Mar adentro/The Sea Within

DVD794: La mala educación/Bad education

DVD795: Los hombres armadas/Men with guns

DVD815: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de "nervios" (Castilian Spanish)

DVD840: Kika

DVD848: Entre tinieblas/Dark habits

DVD850: Pan's labyrinth


DVD854: Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto!!

DVD855: Vengo

DVD859: Dias de Santiago/Days of Santiago

DVD914: Te doy mis ojos

DVD928: Eva Perón

DVD929: Solas/Alone

DVD930: Life according to Muriel

DVD1077: Amar te duele/Love Hurts

DVD1078: Temporada de patos/Duck Season

DVD1079: La madre muerta/The Dead Mother

DVD1080: El método/The Method

DVD1164: Cría cuervos/Raise Ravens

DVD1165: Amores perros/Love’s a Bitch

DVD1180: Abre los ojos/Open Your Eyes

DVD1181: Viridiana/Viridiana

DVD1182: Tesis/Thesis

DVD1183: El espírita de la colmena /The Spirit of the Beehive

DVD1198: Azucar amarga/Bitter sugar

DVD1200: El bola/Pellet

DVD1267: Voces Inocentes/Innocent voices

DVD1612: El espejo enterrado/Buried Mirror

DVD1664: La batalla de Chile/The Battle of Chile

DVD1731: Sin nombre/Without a Name

DVD1758: Como agua para chocolate/Like water for chocolate

DVD2922Relatos salvajes/Wild tales

DVD2981: La Misma Luna/Under the Same Moon

DVD3018: Abrazo de la Serpiente/Embrace of the Serpent

DVD3095El Secreto de sus Ojos/The Secret in Their Eyes

L1004: The films of Alejandro Jodorowsky



N3310: Camila/Camila

N3313: La historia oficial/The official story

N4868: Frida naturaleza viva

N4881: Un Señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes/A very old man with enormous wings

N4917: Doña Perfecta

N4918: Marianela

N4936: Los Santos inocentes/The holy innocents

N4950: Doña Barbara

N5719: La Celestina

N6435 (pt.1&2): Don Juan en Alcalá

N8310: Dracula

Films in German

Call#     Title

DVD67: Die Mörder sind unter uns/The murderers are among us

DVD78: Die Bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant

DVD79: Jakob der Lügner

DVD101: Nirgendwo in Afrika

DVD129: Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes/Aguirre, the wrath of God

DVD130: Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht

DVD131: Woyzeck/Wozzeck

DVD132: Fitzcarraldo

DVD133: Cobra Verde

DVD162: Hitlerjunge Salomon

DVD168: Good bye Lenin!

DVD187: Faraway, so close!

DVD188: Der blaue Engel/The blue angel

DVD192: Lola + Bilidikid/Lola and Billy the Kid

DVD204: Rosenstrasse

DVD384: Mephisto

DVD390: Die Architekten/The architects

DVD394: Christiane F.: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

DVD408: Stroszek

DVD444: Raus aus der Haut/Shedding skin

DVD445: Sonnensucher/Sun seekers

DVD476: Nackt unter wölfen/Naked among wolves

DVD556: Sophie Scholl, die letzten Tage/Sophie Scholl, the final days

DVD602: Berlin is in Germany

DVD700: Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum/The lost honor of Katharina    Blum

DVD702: The Edukators/The Educators

DVD745: Die Stille nach dem Schuss/The legends of Rita

DVD846: Im Juli/In July

DVD1046: Das Leben der Anderen/The lives of others

DVD1177: Die Blechtrommel/The Tin Drum

DVD1231: Die Fälscher/The Counterfeiters

DVD1439: Stalingrad

DVD1440: Gloomy Sunday

DVD2039: Denk bloss nicht, ich heule

DVD2044: Lola rennt/Run Lola run

DVD2207: Faust

DVD2221: Die Ehe der Maria Braun/The marriage of Maria Braun

DVD2223: M

DVD2300: Die farbe deiner Socken/The color of your socks

DVD2851Das Politbüro privat

DVD2780: Vision

DVD2963-1: Das Boot

DVD3155: Toni Erdmann

L947: Berlin is in Germany



N2182: Das schreckliche Mädchen/The nasty girl

N8611: An uns glaubt Gott nicht mehr/God does not believe in us any more

N8625: Rosenzweigs Freiheit/Rosenzweig's freedom

N8777: Spur der Steine/The trace of stones

N8780: Die Legende von Paul & Paula/The legend of Paul and Paula

N8813: Marx & Coca-Cola

N8822: Die Weie Rose/The White Rose

N8824: The Captain of Kopenick

Films in Italian

Call#     Title

DVD77Germania, anno zero/Germany, year zero


DVD154La stanza del figlio/The son's room

DVD157La vita è bella/Life is beautiful

DVD158Pane e tulipani

DVD218:  8 ½

DVD279Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

DVD327: Amarcord

DVD868La balia/The nanny

DVD943La strada

DVD948: Roma

DVD1530Le nozze di Figaro

DVD2242Ladri di biciclette/The bicycle thief

DVD2248: Open city

DVD2747Mio fratello è figlio unico/My brother is an only child

DVD2748Ricordati di me/Remember me, my love

DVD2749L'Ultimo bacio/The last Kiss

DVD2750La ventana de enfrente/Facing windows

DVD2751Il postino/The postman 

DVD2752Il Giardino dei Finzi-Contini/Garden of the Finzi-Continis


DVD2755Pane e cioccolata/Bread and chocolate

DVD2756C'eravamo tanto amati/We all loved each other so much

DVD2757: Divorzio all'italiana/Divorce Italian style

DVD2758I soliti ignoti/Big deal on Madonna Street

DVD2759La meglio gioventù/The best of youth

DVD2761La famiglia/Family

DVD2784Viaggio sola/A five star life

DVD2785Ciao, professore!

DVD2786Pranzo di Ferragosto/Mid-August lunch

DVD2787: Our Italian husband


Other Languages


DVD375: Kolya

DVD2244Ostře sledované vlaky/Closely watched trains



DVD398: Obchod na korze



DVD46: Karen Blixen's Babettes gæstebud/Babette's feast



DVD301: Antonia/Antonia's line

DVD376: Karakter/Character



DVD1319: The Colour of paradise

DVD1320: Children of heaven

DVD1322:  10

DVD1323: Tam e guilass/A taste of cherry

DVD1325: Gabbeh



DVD1817: Faat Kine

DVD1845: Ainsi meurent les anges/And so angels die



DVD2251: Iphigenia



DVD70: A¯soka

DVD1371: Amara, Akabara Enthon¯i/Amar, Akbar, Anthony

DVD1460: Kamal Amrohi's Pakeezah

DVD1463: Sarkar

DVD1464: Sarkar raj

DVD1851: Jai Santoshi Maa/Jaya Santosh¯i M¯a

DVD1852: G.V. Iyer's Adi Shankaracharya(Sanskrit audio track as well)



DVD1488: Valahol Európában/Somewhere in Europe

DVD2970: Saul Fia/Son of Saul



DVD235: Miyamoto Musashi/Samurai I. Musashi Miyamoto

DVD371: Chushingura: the loyal 47 Samurai

DVD949: Sansho the bailiff

DVD1043: Letters from Iwo Jima

DVD1197: Zatoichi/The Blind Swordsman

DVD2894: Totoro/My neighbor Totoro

DVD2895: Kurenai no buta/Porco Rosso

DVD2896: Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi/Spirited Away

DVD2906: Paprika

DVD3020: Mononoke Hime/Princess Mononoke



DVD2909Odu boi/Oldboy

DVD2959Tae Guk Gi/The Brotherhood of War



DVD153: Crouching tiger, hidden dragon

DVD183: Yin shi nan nü/Eat drink man woman

DVD193: Huo zhe/To live

DVD2304: Chibi Shang bu ji xia bu/Red Cliff part 1 & 2

DVD2360: House of Flying Daggers

DVD2609Xia nü/A touch of zen

DVD2612The warlords

DVD2719Tong tian di guo/Detective Dee and the mystery of the phantom flame

DVD2720Young Detective Dee : rise of the sea dragon


DVD2941: Nanjing! Nanjing!/The city of Life and Death

DVD2949: Ci ke Nie Yinniang/The Assassin



DVD3167: Forushande/The Salesman



DVD243: Carandiru

DVD852: O homem que copiava

DVD869: Casa de areia/House of sand



DVD92: Moskva slezam ne verit/Moscow does not believe in tears

DVD120: Bop/The thief

DVD178: Oligarkh

DVD202: Andrei Rublev: khudozhestvennyi film

DVD203: Sibirsk¯ii tsiriulnik

DVD212: Letiat zhuravli

DVD230: Brat/Brother

DVD231: Brat 2/Brother 2

DVD233: Dersu Uzala

DVD280: The childhood of Maxim Gorky

DVD424: Anna Karenina

DVD425: Ironiia sudby, ili, S lëgkim parom!

DVD2262: Alexander Nevsky

DVD2263: Ivan Groznyi/Ivan the terrible




DVD2849: Underground

DVD2852: No Mans's Land



DVD397: Pelle erobreren/Pelle the conqueror

DVD2928-1Män som hatar kvinnor/The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

DVD2928-2Flickan som lekte med elden/The Girl who Played with Fire

DVD2928-3Luftslottet som sprängdes/The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

DVD3097-1: Sommarnattens leende/Smiles of a Summer Night

DVD3097-2: Det sjunde inseglet/Seventh Seal

DVD3097-3: Smultronstället/Wild Strawberries

DVD3097-4: Jungfrukällan/Virgin Spring



DVD526: Yesterday