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Traditional Music of the Ozarks: Ozark Jubilee Digitization Project

A guide to research materials and special collections (including the Max Hunter Collection and the Gordon McCann Collection) available at the Missouri State University library

Currently available on our YouTube channel:

Partial episodes: 

1955 - March 26, April 16, April 30, May 28, September 17, December 24

1956 - January 14, January 21

Complete 90-minute broadcasts:

July 30, 1955

December 3, 1955

What Is the Ozark Jubilee?

Springfield, Missouri's Ozark Jubilee was one of the first live music variety shows on television. It aired weekly from January 22, 1955 to September 24, 1960, with a few name changes along the way (Country Music Jubilee beginning on July 6, 1957; Jubilee USA beginning on August 2, 1958). The program was broadcast from the 1100-seat Jewell Theatre in downtown Springfield, and celebrity host Red Foley was recruited away from his gig at the Grand Ole Opry to join the Ozark Jubilee team. The show featured a mix of musical, dance, novelty, and comedy acts, attracting both "big names" and up-and-coming stars to its stage.

Looking Back at the Ozark Jubilee (March 17, 2017)

ticket to the final Jubilee show

Watch the Show! April 30, 1955

About the Project

There are over 60 kinescope episodes of the show in storage at the UCLA Film and Television Archive. The Missouri State Libraries are working with the archives to digitize and make available all viable episodes on a dedicated YouTube channel. Each episode costs $2500, and there are sponsorship opportunities for those who would like to help with this important restoration and preservation project! 

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