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Distance Learning: This and That

A guide to finding resources and services for students who complete classes online or at locations away from the Springfield campus.

Google Search and Google Scholar Advanced

Here are some resources regarding Google Search Advanced and Google Scholar.

Understanding the Library of Congress Call System

Research Methods

Below are some resources from various colleges, universities, and libraries regarding research methods.

The Research Process

Chaplain College: This web guide covers research methods from the beginning of the process to citations. 

University of Westminster: A fun and informative YouTube video that covers the research process.

Understanding Scholarly Articles

Kimbel Library: A fun video on the components of the scholarly article and what they mean.

Western Libraries: This stie contains a short video on how to read a scholarly article.

Pasadena City College: A short web guide on how to read scholarly articles and take effective notes.

Website Credibility

Hartness Library: This video contains tell tale signs on whether a site is credible for research or not.

Reading and Writing Resources

Effective Reading Guides

University of Wollongong (Australia): Guides on how to effectively read academic texts, journal articles and even textbooks.

Dartmouth University: Handouts on reading effectively including reading myths and active reading strategies.

Hartness Library: A short video guide on reading academic material effectively and efficiently.

Writing the Academic Paper

Dartmouth University: A web guide that offers techniques on academic writing at the college level.

Subject Guide

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