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Local Food: Sustainability: Videos

Subject guide about local food and sustainability

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Cooking Up A Story is a show about people, food, and sustainable living. Each episode portrays the passion of family farmers, artisan producers, and a diverse range of everyday people whose lives center on food, and sustainable living. These personal stories are told in the voice of the subject, without a prepared script. and filmed in their native surroundings to bring the people behind our food to life.

Watch episodes of Get Fresh with Sarah Snow on FitTV. Sara inspires her audience to make healthier choices in their food, cleaning products, clothes, even transportation, thus empowering individuals to create healthier lives for themselves, their families and the environment. While Sara shares the importance and benefits of these natural living choices, she uses tangible examples and quick tips to reveal just how easy, healthy and rewarding it is. Through compelling stories and everyday examples, Sara helps people take steps toward a more natural lifestyle, at the same time as introducing her audience to people who are leading by example and already embracing a green, fresh lifestyle.

FoodRoutes Network is proud to partner with Chef Keith Snow and Harvest Eating to bring you great cooking tips on how to enjoy local, sustainable and in-season foods. Visit often to see what Chef Keith is cooking up and watch for the great ways Harvest Eating, FoodRoutes Network and our Buy Fresh Buy Local Chapters team up to help revitalize our local food systems!

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