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Education: Government Sources

About Government Information


Government Documents are official publications of government agencies.  You may be asked to include a government document or webpage in your research papers because they are considered "Primary Resources".  This means that it is original research or an event witnessed by someone involved in the event or who personally witnessed the event.  These include, statistical studies, environmental reports, laws and regulations, diplomatic correspondence and other official records.

Government Information Sources

 Important Note!

These are general government resources containing or providing access to government information on many topics.  Subject specific resources for government information are listed with the other types of resources and are indicated by the GOV symbol.  


DocLinks - directory of national, state, local, and international government web sites

Department of Education
An overall guide to programs, publications, and personnel of the Dept. of Education, including links to other educational sites on the Internet.

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) | Site Index with helpful arrangement for access @

NCES Electronic Catalog providing various reports and annual publications such as the 'Condition of Eduction', 'Digest of Education Statistics', 'Youth Indicators', and 'Federal Support for Education'.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearinghouses
ERIC is a nationwide information network that acquires, catalogs, summarizes, and provides access to education information from all sources. ERIC resources include: 

Access Eric
The WWW home page for ERIC's system-wide resources and information; this group coordinates ERIC's outreach and system-wide dissemination activities, develops new ERIC publications, and provides general reference and referral services. 

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education



The following government documents are in the collection and can be checked out.  Clicking on the call numbers will link you to the catalog record for this document and other similar titles in the SWAN catalog and provide information about where each item is located.  Some of these items may also be freely available online.  If so, the item link will indicate that.

Subject Guide

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