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Infant Through Grade 12 Resources: Finding Items in IG12

Collections for those working with children and youth.

Finding Items in IG12

­I. Where can I find IG12 information online?

Go to and click on “Subject Guides” – then click on List of all guides, click on ALL GUIDES (or on Education within the list) and choose Infant Through Grade 12 Resources. Note the DESE information at the bottom of the home page – quick links. 

II. What can I get at IG12?

We have children's books and a wide variety of teacher resources - including puppets, lesson planning books, K – 12 textbooks, and computer programs for kids! If you're looking for a good book to read, or need guidance with research, we can help with that, as well.

III. How do I find books on a specific grade level?

  1. Click on the IG12 Subject Guide Elementary, Middle School, or High School  tab.
  2. Scroll down to click on Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (sun icon).
  3. To see if MSU Libraries own the book, use the dropdown box to the left of the search screen that says Universe of Titles and drop to Missouri State University. 
  4. Fill in the search term box at the top of the screen with your subject.
  5. Use the drop down boxes and sliders below the search bar to limit the search based on grade, age level, genre, date of publication, reading level, etc. – i.e. frogs – grade 2 – 2010 to 2020.
  6. Click on a book’s title to read the reviews for that book.
  7. Click “Check the Library’s Catalog” – click “OK” to allow pop-ups when the drop screen appears, then click “Your library owns this title” to get the book’s call number.
  8. If the book is checked out, you have the option to click on MOBIUS to see if you can reserve it through our consortium and have it sent to a location near you. (See below.)

IV. Now that I’ve found some good titles, how do I find them?

1.    Finding a book in IG12:

  1. There are 4 main areas within IG12; each has its own location code that you will see on the library catalog record: MSU Meyer Curric Juv denotes an item in our small school library area; MSU Meyer Curric General denotes an item in our Curriculum Guide area; MSU Meyer Curric Textbook denotes an item in our Textbook area; and MSU Meyer Curric Kit denotes an item in our Curriculum Kit area. Please ASK us to help you find your items – after you do this once or twice you’ll be able to navigate on your own!

2.   Finding a book in Haseltine Library at Greenwood:

  1. Go to Haseltine Library and ask the assistant at the desk to help you locate the book; as a working K-12 library they often have students in, but are always willing to assist you!

3.    Searching for a book in MOBIUS or Prospector:

  1. If you do NOT find your title using Meyer’s catalog, keep the search screen up. Click on the “Search MOBIUS” box to see if another library in our consortium has it.
  2. If MOBIUS has the book, click “Request”.
  3. Our ‘cluster’ is MOBIUS-Missouri State University – use the drop-down box to choose it. Click “Submit above information”.
  4. Fill in the boxes – your ID is your M Number; type this in and include the ‘M’ – follow this with MSU (all caps, no spaces at all).  Use the drop-down box to choose your pick-up location (usually MSU Library).  Submit.  You will receive an email when your item is ready to pick up.
  5. Not available in MOBIUS? Click on the “Prospector” icon and follow directions.

4.   Searching for a book in the Springfield Greene County Library system:

  1. Go to and click on the “Catalog” tab at the top right of the screen.
  2. Fill in the title and click on “Go”.
  3. Click on “Place A Hold” (blue box both top and bottom of screen) and follow instructions.

5.    Searching in our E-Book Collections:

  1. From click on Articles and Databases and click on Find articles by subject. Then click on E-Books in the left column. Click on Ebooks – K-12 and then on EBSCOhost K-12. Choose your grade level and search by subject.


V. I have to find titles for children and young adults fast – how do I do this?

To search for titles within IG12 on a specific topic:

  1. From the Libraries Main Page, place a term in the Keyword Search screen and click Search.
  2. When the results come up, click on the blue Modify Search icon near the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the Specific Library Location dropdown box, go to MSU Meyer IG12.

            (Also try the dropdown box for MSU Greenwood School.)

  1. Click the Submit key for results – do a title search on CLCD (See III.) to check grade level, content.
  2. You can also narrow your search using the "Other Format" dropdown box.  Try "Music Audio" to get CDs, or "Pics/Posters" to find a poster on your topic.
  3. If you find a specific title and our copy is not available, click on the Search MOBIUS button and request it from another library in our consortium.
  4. Try our new eBooks!  Refer to IV.5. to access our K-12 ebook collection!

VI. How do I find books with ideas for activities and lesson plans?

To find books with ideas (in IG12 we call these “Curriculum Guides”):

  1. From the IG12 Subject Guide (See #I) Elementary, Middle or High School tab, click on SWAN in the left column; this puts you into the keyword search screen.
  2. Fill in a keyword along with the phrase and activit* and scroll down to the Specific Library Location dropdown box, go to MSU Meyer-IG12 (Also try the dropdown box for MSU Greenwood School).
  3. Click the Submit key for results.
  4. Try science and activit* or ecology and activit* or mathematics and activit* to find resources
  5. When you find a few activity books online, be sure to scan the shelves nearby for more titles!

VII. How do I find lesson plans online?

  1. Go to and click on Subject Guides.
  2. Click on Infant Through Grade 12  (URL = ).
  3. Click on the Elementary, Middle School, or High School  tab.
  4. Scroll down – the middle screen contains a box called “Lesson Planning”.
  5. Try a number of these to find ideas!  


VIII. Is there a quick way to learn how to use the Libraries’ resources?

  1. From the Libraries main page, click on Research and Collections in the left-hand column, then scroll down to click on the Searchpath Tutorial and follow the directions given.  There are 6 modules; each takes from 10-15 minutes.


Searchpath Tutorial and follow the directions given. There are 6 modules; each takes from 10-15 minutes.