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Infant Through Grade 12 Resources: CSD 713

Collections for those working with children and youth.

Finding Books by Level

‚ÄčLexile Levels:  go to  for information on this program. It is free to register.

This Web site is a fabulous starting point.  You can take the grade level ranges and use them in CLCD for preliminary choices in choosing books for students.

Remember that your student will be working within a range – 100 below to 50 above his or her score. To find your student’s approximate level, go to:

Ask your student if s/he finds reading her grade level textbook easy, pretty much on target, or hard – and fill in the appropriate grade level and “circle” on the page. Follow directions to create a list of potential titles. Look these up in our Catalog, or use CLCD to find. CLCD gives Lexile and other reading levels for many of its titles.

You might also try Follett Titlewave. Go to and register. Under “Collection Development” on the left of the screen, click “Books” under Search. Fill in the boxes for the types/levels of books your student might be interested in. Click on “Want” for titles you’d like to save; you can create a number of lists.


How Do I Find Books on a Specific Topic and Make a Book List?

Turn to the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database for title ideas.  To search for titles using the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database:

  1. Go to the Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database
  2. Fill in the search term box at the top of the screen with your subject – i.e. horse
  3. Fill in the Lexile Level on the bottom right-hand side of the screen (see above for levels)
  4. Fill in the Interest Level
  5. Use the drop down boxes under Additional Search Qualifiers to choose a specific genre, to really hone in on one grade level, and to narrow down the date of publication – i.e. , mystery, grade 3, 1999-2010
  6. Click on a book’s title to read the reviews for that book 
  7. To see if MSU Libraries own the book, click on “Click here to check if your library holds this title.”  If we own it, the record will appear, if not, you have the option to click on MOBIUS to see if you can reserve it through our consortium and have it sent to a location near you. (See below.)

 What if I want to find books with rhyming text, where I might find sounds my client needs to work on?

Check out the reference book A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children’s Picture Books. The 7th edition in our Reference collection (CUR REF PN1009.A1 Z682 2006) has a list of “Rhyming text” titles. We are in the process of noting whether or not these are owned by I-G12 or Haseltine (the library at Greenwood).

Now That I Have Titles, How Do I Find the Actual Books?

There are 4 places to search for books:

  1. Meyer Library and I-G12
  2. MOBIUS, our statewide consortium of libraries (click on the MOBIUS button from your search results on the Meyer Library screen, or go to )
  3. Springfield-Greene County Library District if you live in Greene County ( )

 To search for titles within the CRC:

  1. Go to a title search screen from the Libraries main page []
  2. Place a term in the  Title Search screen and press the “Search” key
  3. Hit the Modify Search key once your results pop up
  4. Using the Specific Library Location dropdown box on the right, go to MSU Meyer-Curriculum
  5. Click the Search key for results
  6. You can also narrow your search using the "Other Format" drop-down box.  Try "Kit" for curriculum kits, "Music Audio" to get CDs, or "Pics/Posters" to find a poster on your topic.

 If you locate a title in I-G12, you need to know about our codes.  We have 4 main areas within the I-G12; each has its own location code:

  1. MSU Meyer Curric Juv denotes an item in our small school library area; E denotes a picture book – these are under the windows and are in order alphabetically by the author’s last name, numerically by the Dewey Decimal system
  2. MSU Meyer Curric General denotes an item in our Curriculum Guide area
  3. MSU Meyer Curric Textbook denotes an item in our Textbook area
  4. MSU Meyer Curric Kit denotes an item in our Curriculum Kit area

Searching for a book in MOBIUS:

  1. If you do NOT find your title using Meyer’s catalog, keep the search screen up. Click on the “Search MOBIUS” box to see if another library in our consortium has it
  2. If MOBIUS has the book, click “Display Holdings” to see if the item is ‘requestable’ or ‘available’ – if it is, click “REQUEST THIS ITEM” 
  3. Our ‘cluster’ is SWAN – use the drop-down box to choose it. Click “Submit above information”
  4. Fill in the boxes – your ID is your M Number – follow this with MSU (all caps, no spaces at all).  Use the drop-down box to choose your pick-up location (usually MSU Library).  Submit.  You will receive an email when your item is ready to pick up.

Searching for a book in PROSPECTOR: 

  1. If MOBIUS does not have an available copy, click on the "Prospector" box at the top of the screen
  2. If Prospector has the book, click the "Request it" box
  3. Use the dropdown box to choose "SWAN" as your institution
  4. Type your name, your M# (start with the M) and your MSU institution code at the end of the M number (all caps, no spaces)
  5. Choose your pick-up location using the drop-down box and submit. You will receive an email when the item is ready to pick up.

 Searching for a book in the Springfield Green County Library system:

  1. Go to and click on the “Catalog” tab at the top left of the screen
  2. Fill in the title and click on “Go”
  3. Click on “Place a Hold” at the top left of the screen and follow instructions



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