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Infant Through Grade 12 Resources: Middle School

Collections for those working with children and youth.

Finding Books

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Use SWAN to find books and other materials in IG12. 

Ways to narrow your search:

  • Search by keyword, use the drop-down box for "Specific Library Location" and click on "MSU-Meyer Curriculum" to narrow your results to items in IG12.
  • Search using the "Other Format" drop-down box. Try "Kit" for curriculum kits, "Music Audio" to get CDs, or "Pics/Posters" to find a poster on your topic.  

Searchpath Tutorial

    Find out more about SWAN and other library resources by taking our short, online tutorial.

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    Children's  Literature Comprehensive Database

    Find titles and create thematic and age-appropriate lists.  You can search by topic or theme, genre (i.e. poetry), age or grade level, and even reading level using this database.  Find award lists here, as well. This is an amazing database for anyone interested in finding and using children's and young adult literature. Not all titles found here are available in IG12, but it's a good place to start your search.



    Springfield-Greene County Library District

    Search the catalog

    Students living on campus and Greene county residents can use our local public library. Click here to request an online card. The Park Central branch and the Midtown branch are the locations closest to the Springfield campus. (You can take the shuttle to the square downtown to get to the Park Central branch). If you can't find a book in IG12 and need it quickly, the public library is a great place to check.


    A statewide consortium of mostly college and university libraries. Search the MOBIUS catalog to borrow books from other consortium members and request books for delivery to MSU’s libraries. Most MOBIUS items arrive in 2-3 days. Go to Circulation for pick-up. If you fill out a notification form at Circulation, they will e-mail you when your item arrives.

    Use Our Die-Cut Machine

    Ellison frog       Ellison umbrella    Ellison snowman    Ellison house

    Use our Ellison Machine to cut out patterns or letters from almost any kind of paper.

    You can create bulletin boards, game pieces, name tags, gift cards, and more!

    Bring your own paper; use of the die-cut machine is free.

    For some creative curriculum ideas from Ellison, click here.

    Find a Book for Grades 5 - 8



    Need a list of great fantasy titles for a magic-loving tween? Titles to help your sixth graders understand DNA? Search the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database!


    Want to keep up with Middle School Literature?  Check out these sites:

      Lesson Planning

       More Social Studies    Readers Theatre for American History    Mathematical Literacy


      To learn how to easily find books with ideas on lesson plans and activities, see the "FAQ" tab, above.

      Often textbooks have excellent lesson plan ideas.  Look for the Teacher's Edition, which often has "wraparound" text giving ideas for activities, lessons, and assessments.  Since textbooks strive to fulfill national and state standards, the topic areas are usually quite similar, but the ideas for presenting them can be different and fun to use.

      Tired of spending hours Googling for lesson plans or other information?
      Try these!

      Finding Items in IG12

      We have 4 main areas within IG12; each has its own location code that you will see on the library catalog record:

      MSU Meyer Curric Juv denotes an item in our small school library area;

      MSU Meyer Curric General denotes an item in our Curriculum Guide area;

      MSU Meyer Curric Textbook denotes an item in our Textbook area; and

      MSU Meyer Curric Kit denotes an item in our Curriculum Kit area.

      PBS Activity Packs

      PBS Teachers

      Link to PBS resources through their themed Activity Packs.  Each ties in with a specific curricular area.



      Please e-mail
      Cherri Jones with your suggestions to post more useful sites on this page.