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Economics: Find Books & E Books

In this guide you will find a sampling of many types of research resources on the topic of Economics.

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Catalog instructions

Clicking on the links below will take you to the online catalog listing for the book. This record will tell you the "LOCATION". "CALL #" and "STATUS" of the book.

LOCATION = The Library and department the book is located in. This is important because there are several libraries that make up the Missouri State University Libraries. The items owned by all of these libraries are included in the SWAN catalog.

CALL # = This is sort of like the address for a book, where it sits on the shelf. Make sure you either print the record or write down the entire "call number". If you don't find the book come to the Reference and Government Information Desk for help.

STATUS = Whether the book is checked out or not.

Available means that it should be on the shelf.

Due followed by a date means someone has checked out the book until date listed.

Missing is sort of self explanatory.

If the catalog indicates a book is available and you don't find it on the shelf, come to the Reference and Government Information Desk for help.

E Books

Downloading E Books

Recent Books

E-Reference Books

Reference Books

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