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Digital Scholarship: Home

The University Libraries' Digital Scholarship initiatives.

Digital Scholarship Mission

Spark CometThe Missouri State University Libraries Digital initiatives supports the production, dissemination, and long term storage of digital scholarship produced by or relevant to the Missouri State University Community.

The Libraries supports the production of digital scholarship by providing research material to scholars, copyright support, and digital tools that better allow such scholarship. The Libraries will help disseminate digital scholarship by making it available to a global audience via the World Wide Web. Dissemination will happen through the Libraries' digital repository, library catalog, and digital archival collection. The Libraries will oversee the long term storage of digital scholarship by making sure data is stored using best practices for archiving data.


We seek collaborations with MSU affiliated faculty and students who want to ask new questions, push the edges of currently canonized fields, open new question paths, explore innovative methods, and include new and traditionally underrpresented voices in the scholarly conversation. Have an idea for a digital project or publication? Contact us to discuss the possibility of a collaboration.

Digital Scholarship Services Provided by the Libraries

We are dedicated to help MSU faculty, staff, and students with the following tasks:

  • Share work through digital platforms
  • Planning and implementing projects
  • Managing and visualizing data
  • Navigating copyright and open access
  • Preserving scholarship and data