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Music of the Ozarks: Local Jam Sessions

A guide to research materials and special collections (including the Max Hunter Collection and the Gordon McCann Collection) available at the Missouri State University library

McClurg, Missouri circa 1998

Features the legendary Bob Holt (1930-2004) on fiddle and Gordon McCann on guitar!

The Ozarks "Jam Session" -- A Rich Tradition

Want to Experience a Jam Session in Person?

Here's some great news for music lovers: the weekly McClurg Jam Session is alive and well at 3899 State Hwy W!

Harry Smith revisited the "old country store" in 2017. And...yep, Gordon McCann can still be spotted playing the guitar right at the beginning of the video clip.


The potluck dinner begins every Monday night at 6:00, followed by a relaxed time of music-making.

Read all about it here, and connect with the musicians on their "McClug Jam" Facebook page by clicking here.